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Fateful Decisions

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Review extracts from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com  as at November 24 2013 -

I saw this book recommended in an internet forum (Jill Havern Forum) which is focussed on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.... I read it in 24 Hours (it made a 4 hour train journey pass in a flash) – I couldn’t put it down as the complex plot and narrative was enthralling. It kept me guessing right to the end and I must say I was surprised by it.


I found this a really engaging book..I was quickly caught up in the mystery in the plot and the main character’s attempts to solve it. An entertaining read


Molly becomes fascinated by two cases of missing young children who have just disappeared into thin air...her amateur sleuthing leads her to connect with others online to make sense of the evidence..I loved the way the author showed Molly engaging online with the internet forum discussing theories.  It also had a real feeling of authenticity as the author showed knowledge of real missing children cases.   absolutely brilliant read.


A great read and very topical . Crammed full of action and subplots, difficult to put this book down.

Highly topical and brilliantly crafted. This is a superb debut novel.


The book raises important issues – how we treat children... The book combines fact and fiction as Molly lists actual cases of missing and neglected children...I didn’t see the ending coming and I think there needs to be a sequel. Very interesting multi layered book.


Great read,  an amazing stimulation of the mind, a total page turner, interesting plot, surprising finish. Highly recommend

Interesting subject matter with kidnappings and parental neglect which is very topicsal at the moment. The plot has so many layers  I wasn’t able to put the book down.  A great read.

I was attracted to the subject of the book – people on internet forums talking about two missing baby cases – as that is something I do myself. It’s an interesting and topical story.


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