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Enid lives in Ranelagh in Dublin with her husband and their two dogs, Monty and Jamie. The book has been dedicated to the four legged family members in appreciation of their (relatively) good behaviour while she was writing the book. Her three daughters have now left home.

She was born in Stratford, now the home of the Olympic Stadium, and part of the London Borough of Newham. On Saturdays if the wind was in the right direction she knew when her local football team West Ham United had scored! She continues to support them at the risk of divorce as her husband Tom is a Manchester United devotee.

She has a degree in History and Politics from Liverpool University, and after graduating she trained as a chartered accountant. After qualifying, she worked for a while in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

In 1975, while working for the International Planned Parenthood Federation in Beirut, Enid was blown up in an isolated incident before the war proper commenced, escaping with relatively minor injuries.

She moved to Ireland in 1977, worked in finance for a while before setting up her own accountancy practice.

She joined the Green Party and stood as a candidate in the Dublin City Council elections in 1985 coming came close to being elected. She became disillusioned and left the party some years before it became the junior coalition partner in the Irish Government of 2007-2011.

In 2006 she went back to college, studying at Griffith College Dublin for a Higher Diploma in journalism.

She published her first book Cancer in a Cold Climate: the Shafting of St Luke’s Hospital in 2010. This explored the political machinations behind the decision to phase out and ultimately close the well-known cancer hospital.  She was almost arrested in the Dail (Irish Parliament) when she shouted ‘Shame’ at the six Green TDs (MPs) as they came into the lobby after voting for the Bill to close the hospital.

She has also written about the outrageous expenses paid to Irish politicians. One article in the Irish Times ruffled many feathers and led to a debate with the Head of Communications at the Dail on Liveline, the main Irish phone-in radio show.

Fateful Decisions is her first fiction book.

Enid now combines writing with lobbying for causes close to her heart like improved health services and integrity in politics. She also runs a financial clinic on a voluntary basis in her local Citizens Information Centre for those who cannot afford the professional services of accountants. This service known as CAVA is run under the auspices of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

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